A sexual confidence coach Angela Sudzukovic

My name is Angela.

I am a woman who felt her sexual energy since kindergarten. One who has been playing with her neighbourhood friends “mommy and daddy game” with a lot of curiosity, freedom, playfulness, and pleasantness, until my family put a tremendous shame weight on my back, making me disconnect from this powerful, nurturing force.

I felt my precious energy waking up again in puberty, but due to all conditioning and shame correlated stories, I wasn't embracing it. Growing up in a conservative culture, and lacking love and connection in my family, I was absorbing and learning everything from media and environment, what was making me dislike my body and my appearance.  Family dynamics as well crushed my sense of Self-Worth and led me to fall out of a place of Self-love.

Leaving my home was a turning point, as I moved to another city to study, and besides studying, I started to explore Tantra and tantric ways of views on sexuality, which helped me to see sexuality from a new point of view, to see it as something sacred rather than dirty or sinful. I have accepted my body image trough Go-Go dancing, topless pole dancing, and fell in love with my body thanks to tantric sexuality practices to that point that I have become confident enough to embrace nudism.

After travelling a lot and working in many clubs, and interacting with many women, both through business and outside of the clubs, I have realised how many of them have big issues and problems with accepting their body image and experiencing the orgasm. They would always feel safe in the presence of my energy, open-mind and non-prejudice attitude to ask me questions, tips, and advice.

I saw how my approach, conscious talk and advice helps them a lot and this made me consider this as my calling. I hired a life-coach, confirmed my soul calling and decided to become a Self-Love and Sexuality Coach.

I personally have figured out what are the secret ingredients of reaching the orgasm, so my heart craves to see as many women as possible to have this bliss in their lives. And not only this one, but as well to accept their bodies utterly and to reach an immense level of self-love, as this is the key that binds all these. From my personal experience, I know that you can accept your body and have many O's but still not loving yourself to the fullest, what will crush your self-worth and confidence even more.

When I learned to love myself, to respect myself along with the acceptance of my body and multi-orgasmic ability my life has become a bliss, happiness, and expression of cosmic love and sensuality. My heart tells me that everyone deserves to live this kind of life, without shame and guilt and full of love, bliss, passion, desire, sensuality, and vividness.

So, I have decided to share this knowledge and experience by designing my sexual confidence coaching program. My mission is to break down all the negative bonds and chains, to free you, pour the energy of love into your being, awake your hidden divine powers and make space for the Goddess to be reborn.