Body love and our society

Body love in our society is not so common

Nowadays most women are not satisfied with their bodies and are often very ashamed of how they look. They are always complaining, taking various diet plans, trying to destroy cellulite, and sometimes even going for plastic surgery interventions.

All this is very frustrating and crushing self-confidence even more. Have you ever tried to understand why are you doing all this to yourself?

Why are you trying to look like a perfect doll?

There are many reasons for this. First, I want to talk about the perfect body image and our society. It is very well known for model roles and famous people who are always promoting perfect woman appearance, style, body shape, face parts, like the BIG LIPS trend, etc. Women are indirectly and directly under the constant pressure of media, continual pressure hitting from multiple different sides. If you pay attention and look around, you will see much more things offered to women, from anti-age products, weight loss products, anti-cellulite products, make-up, clothes, must have things, plastic surgery ads,  etc.

All this is making us to see ourselves like we are never complete or enough, and how we must correct ourselves in many ways to be socially accepted. Why don’t we see a perfect man adds, role models, models, actors? A poster that is showing how every man has to have a six-pack, a perfect hair with no grays, to use anti-age products, to be a perfect businessman, gentleman, etc. There are some ads for men, but not as much as for women. All this is making women to be insecure about their appearance, crushing their confidence dramatically, and making them to be even ashamed of natural body conditions, like stretch marks and cellulite.

Every strech mark should be celebrated

So, the pregnant woman is concerned about how many stretching marks her pregnancy will leave, instead of celebrating her beautiful body for creating a life. In my opinion, every single stretch mark should be celebrated! Especially birth stretch marks, which are carrying the memories of a majestic life creation process! And cellulite, why are we making so much fuss and stress over it? Cellulite is only showing that women have more hormone Estrogen, which is producing more fat for the protection of our ovaries and uterus.

Where are self-developement ads?

On the other side, there is zero adds and pressure on doing inner work, self-discovery, building confidence, building self-image or similar. Isn’t this strange to you? Does it make sense? Can you see the relation between low self-confidence and so many beauty ads?

If not, I will try to make it easier for you. First, they make a perfect body image ideal which is made to crush down your confidence, and then they make the solutions for the same. These solutions are just like the medicals which are treating only the symptoms and not the cause of the disease.

Wrong mindset

Women think how they will be prettier when buying particular clothes, wearing makeup, doing this or that skin treatment. They will maybe enhance their appearance with this, but they won’t be able to see it, due to crushed confidence. The proper inner work is the only solution which can cure the cause of a disease.

The inner work will feed your soul, while these solutions are only feeding your ego. Ego can never be fed up. Ego always wants more, so when you finish that skin treatment, enlarge your lips, or buy a new dress you will feel happy, but not permanently. As soon as this happiness pass by, Ego will demand more ‘cures’. 

Healing and soul strenghtening

The key is found in healing and soul strengthening. When we heal ourselves, our perspective of everything will change. When we let go of all the conditioning, a beautiful shift starts to happen. Suddenly you love your body and yourself, you accept it for what it is. Now, you are sending and giving love to your body, not trying to change it but to improve it. For the improvement from the place of love, you will take good care for your body with healthy choices and good self-care.

Postitive mindset

Your mindset will change from negative to a positive one, so now you can see all the beauty you possess. You will finally understand how beautiful masterpiece of a creator you are. You will no longer hide behind the makeup, you will wear it to highlight your prettiness.  You will exercise because you love your body, not because you hate it. You will dress up in what feels comfortable, not what is recommended by the latest fashion. You will accept the body shape you are given, and celebrate it for how unique it is. I love to make a comparison with the beauty of a body and a garden of roses.

Garden of roses

When you go to the garden of roses, and look around, you will see hundreds of beautiful flowers, each of them different but the same at the core. Can you find any ugly rose there? Have you ever found an ugly rose in your life? The same is with us, we are all the same at the core, we are humans, but we are beautiful in our differences and imperfections, just like the roses.

Plastic world

Imagine the world where everyone looks perfect and the same, would be there any happiness, or would it be a boring plastic world? Stop trying to make yourself look like a girl from a magazine cover, stop making a plastic doll out of yourself. You are losing your diversity and uniqueness by doing this. Is that what you really want? If not, then start doing a proper inner work today, open your eyes so that you can understand and see how majestic and beautiful being you are.

Feel the universe under our skin

Feel the galaxies beneath your skin, feel the stardust in your bones, witness the stars in your eyes, and make yourself feel the whole universe which is hiding and pulsating within you. If you want to become a woman who is loving every cell of her body, but you still don’t know how, you can book a discovery call with me.

I am here to help you remember the true essence of yourself and to show you the path of goddesses and wild women. Dear women, never neglect that you are perfect as you are, and that true beauty is coming from the love within, from the light and sparks of your soul!