Picture with Big sign Orgasm being the representative of Female orgasm

Female orgasm has many types, and all of them are incredible and epic! There are so many different types of female orgasm, and the ways women can orgasm, yet the majority of women are only acquainted with the one kind of orgasm, the well known Clitoral Orgasm. I know about 17 different types of O’s. Yes, seventeen, and there are maybe some more that I am about to find out. Isn’t your body and your orgasmic potential surprisingly spectacular, magic and mind-blowing?
In my previous post, I mentioned four orgasms (G-spot, Cervical, Vaginal Entrance and Urinary). You can check them here. And, in this post, I will reveal four more to you. Are you ready? Ok, here we go!

Four types of female orgasms

Most O’s happens in our miraculous vajayjay, but also a lot of them happens outside of her too. The more we open our minds and bodies, the more sexually confident we will become. And with sexual confidence, it will be easy to explore how far in sexuality we can go.

Clitoral orgasm

Although we all know for this one, I will not skip it. A clitoral orgasm feels delicious. It is very intense, but last very shortly and depletes our sexual energy. That’s why many women can tell how they feel empty after it, or even tired. This O is very similar to male orgasm. After ejaculation, the penis is very sensitive to touch and need some time to ‘recharge’, the same is with the clitoris. However there is a way to change this O from explosive to be implosive, and not to waste energy with it.

Nipple Orgasm

Many women say that their breasts and nipples are very erogenous and sensitive. One study that has shown that when women touch their nipples, in their brain the area called the genital sensory cortex is activated, which is the same region activated by stimulation of the clitoris, vagina and cervix. Some tantrics say that nipples and clitoris are connected via energetic channels. Nipple O’s are very specific, and when they happen to me, I would describe them as pleasure bounced from my uterus and clitoris. If your breasts are not that sensitive, you can awaken them through daily breast massage.

Anal Orgasm

The anus is another erogenous area of our bodies. Many women don’t allow this stimulation as they are afraid of faeces or pain. And, sometimes limiting beliefs are those who stop you from letting yourself feel this. These orgasms are connected to root chakra, so they are usually physical, raw and earthy. Also, with anal stimulation, your vagina is indirectly stimulated too, your G-spot, clitoris and even posterior fornix (Will be explained in next post).

Throat Orgasm

In study Liberated Orgasm: The orgasmic revolution (1999), Herbert Otto found that both women and men can have throat orgasm. These orgasms are also connected to the pituitary gland. Throat O’s are pleasurable and followed with spasms. Women usually need to make loud sounds when they occur. Some women experience large amounts of saliva, and some even experience white foam coming from their throat. I love this type of O’s and play, as they usually turn on my whole body. Some say that vagina and throat are connected.

As you see, not every female orgasm need’s to happen down there and inside of the vagina. Our whole body is orgasmic. We are trained to focus on intensive and explosive sensations. For me, it even happens that when I taste some food, a delightful wave of energy go over my body and I experience shivers. I call this taste-gasm. Some women experience mini orgasm when they melt and lose them in their lover’s eyes. I bet that you experienced Music-gasm and dance-gasm at least once in your life. There are sooo many ways to have an orgasmic experience. We only have to open our minds and perception and to let our bodies lead us more in our lives, more than our mind.


I bet this is the perfect formula for every orgasm!

If you still have issues with unlocking your orgasmic potential, having hard times shutting down your brain and feeling more, or not being able to communicate your needs, boundaries and desires, you can always contact me here, and we can chat about everything.

Remember that you have the gift of Orgasm from the Universe, don’t let this life pass without you exploring and experiencing your unique way of sexual expression.

I am sending you much love and light!