Picture with orgasm signs to represent female orgasms which are described in blog post

Orgasms are uplifting, unforgettable, delicious and exciting. Every woman deserves these experiences in her life. They will make her vibrate high and influence her life in such a positive way. If you wonder how vaginal orgasms can help you boost happiness, sex appeal and abundance in your life, then click here.

In my previous blog post, I was revealing you four orgasms, you can read it here. In the post before that one, I also explained four orgasms, so, for now, we counted eight of them. Let’s see the four new ones.

Some of them you have maybe already experienced. If you haven’t, I am more then happy to explain to you which are they and how to have them.

Are you ready?

Here we go!

Sleep Orgasm

Our brain is a vital sex organ! The brain controls everything in the body and is connected to everything. You know this as when you start thinking of some fantasy you have, watching some erotic movies or reading erotic stories, how you feel turned on immediately. Even if you haven’t touched yourself, well, your spectacular brain can make you have an orgasm while sleeping. It usually happens if you have sexy dreams. And, this type of orgasm makes your morning the favourite part of the day. One of my clients had such an intense orgasm in her sleep that she has woke up and was still experiencing it. That story blew my mind!

Blended Orgasm

A most common blended orgasm is when you stimulate clitoris and G- spot at the same time. These combined stimulations are so phenomenal and juicy. They are more intense then when you only stimulate one orgasmic spot. And they can lead you toward ecstatic orgasms and experiences. Of course, any combination of two or three orgasmic spots can lead to stunning blended orgasms. From my own experience, besides this combination, I experienced blended throat + clitoral orgasm. Blended A spot + anal orgasm. And blended clitoral + anal + vaginal orgasm (this combo is crazy). Experimenting with combinations of orgasms is highly recommended and so much pleasurable.

A- Spot Orgasm

A- spot or Anterior Fornix Erogenous (AFE) is an area about the size of a coin located on your front wall of the vagina. It is between G-spot and Cervix. These orgasms are delicious, as they are something between the intense sensations and pleasure form the G- spot and more delight, warm and emotional pleasure from Cervical O’s. From my own experience, the best way to stimulate this area with a partner is when you lay down on your stomach and put a pillow under your hips and womb. And, if you are self-pleasuring yourself alone, then I would recommend you to get yourself a curved glass dildo than can easily reach your G-spot and A-spot. As well if you stimulate A-spot, often, the lubrication of your vagina will increase, and you will have more pleasurable sex or self-pleasuring practice.

PF- Spot Orgasm

PF-spot or Posterior Fornix Erogenous (PFE) is located beneath cervix on the back of the wall of the vagina, which is next to the rectum. When the vagina is stimulated with enough care, good movement, and enough time it can open up the new area behind the cervix, which can be known as the cul de sac. Orgasms experienced from this spot are described as raw, expansive, emotional and spiritual cervical pleasure according to Eyal Matsliah. Also, what he said is that stimulating this area can be like beginner’s anal because it feels like anal stimulation. You can avoid experiencing contact with faecal material (which can not happen if you prepare yourself). It can be excellent preparation for exploring anal sex.

I hope that these new four types of O’s have tickled your imagination and sparked a light between your legs. So you are willing to explore them and see how it goes. Of course, for the sleep orgasm, you can do nothing, but to hope and desire it to happen one day. However, I have to tell you that every client of mine when has started to awaken her sexual energy and explore her orgasmic potential, was experiencing hot dreams, which led some of them intro sleepgasm. As you see by now, the orgasmic potential of every woman is enormous. You are literally like the chamber of juicy secrets. And, it is only up to you to take yourself on an adventure and explore every chamber in the castle called body.

With this post, I encourage you to go on that adventure and find all incredible spots, as when you once discover them, you will always know how to go back and experience unbelievable pleasures every time. And, if you feel like you can’t do this alone and you would love to have guidance, support and accountability, you can always contact me here.

For now, we have discovered 12 different types of female orgasm, and in the next post, I will reveal five more to you. Until then take good care of yourself and see you in the next post.

Sending you Much love and Light!