Angela Sudzukovic self-love and sexuality coach being in love with her naked body <3

So many women are struggling with acceptance and love for their bodies. Some are dissatisfied with their overall appearance, and some are loving some parts, but profoundly hating others — Thigs, bellies, breast size, booty shape, muscles, feet. There are very few women who can say that they love and accept their bodies to the fullest. I don’t judge you. I was there too.

Whenever I looked at my mirror reflection, I was disappointed with what I see. I hated my belly, I wanted to do breast implants, to make my nose smaller, to enlarge my lips, to change my cheekbones, and the list goes on. It’s not your fault if you are still there. You were conditioned to be like that. Our society is the one that has put this tremendously heavy stone on women’s back. I was writing about our Society and Body Love, you can check that blog post here.

I am sure that you have been asking yourself how to fall in love with your body. Is there a way? Guess what, there is away. You don’t have to live in agony your whole life. You can change your relationship with your body and live a more fulfilled and happy life. Here is how:


The first step is to understand that you don’t hate your body with your own will, nor your soul wanted it to be that way. Your surroundings, society, maybe even mother and friends were continually bombarding you with negative body messages. On the other side, all around you were images of perfect bodies. Some crazy things like rule 90:60:90 of Merlin Monroe, and photoshopped models that are setting unrealistic beauty standards.


To fall in love with your body, you will have to change your mindset. For you to see your body differently, you will have to make new narratives. Try seeing it as your home, friend, or as a perfect tool for experiencing life. Understanding that you are not your body, or emotions or thoughts will do miracles for you.


Meditation is an excellent tool for falling in love with your body. By doing still meditation, you will increase your ability to become aware of your thoughts and to control them. This is very helpful for stopping the negative self-talk. As well you can do many other guided meditations and self-love meditations to back you up on your journey toward ultimate body love.


Gratitude is an unavoidable tool for body love. If you are not grateful for everything your body is, and for everything it does, then it will be hard to love it. Start expressing daily gratitude for your body and watch the unfolding of beautiful transformation. For example, if you don’t love your belly than express the gratitude like: “Thank you for holding up my organs; thank you for processing the food; for being soft and lovely; for giving me the good sensations when someone touches you.” There is so much to be grateful for every body part. Here you can also get creative and awaken your feminine creative energy.


You know everything about affirmations. They are a powerful tool, as by repeating them, you are installing new thoughts and programs in your subconscious mind. As well as practising positive talk. You can’t tell yourself how awful you are, how you are fat like a pig, ugly, and expect to love yourself. Every negative self-talk is listened by your subconscious mind, as well as a positive one. So, it is up to you to choose what you will put there.


Start today. Unfollow every social media account that is showing unrealistic bodies, photoshopped models and similar. Or, any account that doesn’t make you feel great about yourself! There are so many accounts that are promoting natural beauty and bodies. By seeing more other women being happy with their nature, it will be easier for you to do the same. As well, practise changing your own focus, and instead of only noticing your disadvantages, focus on all beautiful parts.


It is so simple! Move your body! When you move, you have an excellent opportunity to feel your body. As a result, you will also move negative energies and stagnant emotions out of your system. Work out, as you are going to have toned and tight body and you will love it no matter what shape you are. Dance! Dancing is a great way to activate your feminine energy, to feel great in your body and to build up your confidence.


Sleeping naked is a fantastic way to fall in love with your body in a subtle way. It helps your skin to be happier, it reduces stress and anxiety and keeps your Yoni healthy. The sensation of sheets on naked skin will give you a sense of freedom. Even, one study found that being naked helped boost self-esteem and overall body image.


Nudism helped me to accept my body and fall in love with it. Why? Coz on nudist beaches, you can see all kind of human bodies, all shapes and sizes. There is no photoshop and unrealistic bodies. The energy of the people who love their body no matter how they look is help you with your body acceptance and love. About my first nudist experience, you can read here.

Here you go! You have all the tools that will help you to fall in love with your body. Take your time and practice. They were moulding you for years to make you hate it, so don’t expect that you will take off this old skin overnight. But with the practise and patience, you will do it for sure. If for some reason you feel that you can’t do it alone and you need help to keep you accountable and help you dig out all that is stopping you from falling in love with your body, you can always book a free Discovery Call with me. I am here for you.