nudism body love and freedom

What is nudism? To be a nudist, it just means showing up naked among other naked people. It may seem very easy, but in reality, that isn’t much of a case. We are raised in the communities where religion is our base, and you must be knowing how when Adam and Eve ate from a Tree of a knowledge they saw that they are naked and suddenly they felt ashamed. I was raised with this feeling of shame as well, and to imagine to be naked in front of my own sister was terrifying as hell, couldn’t even imagine being naked in front of some strangers especially male strangers.

So, I was living with this feeling of shame for a long time. I mean, now it seems long but actually, everything changed three years ago when I decided to go alone to the sea for vacation. The older lady who hosted me in her house was an artist, a very kind woman who has experienced many hardships trough her life and told me many amazing stories. One day I was searching for my swimming suit so worried while she was sitting in the yard with her male friend having a coffee. She asked me: “Dear child, what are you searching for?”; I replied: “My swimming suit, I can’t find it and I want to catch the sun before it is gone.” Then she added: “But, you don’t need your swimming suit, there is a nude beach I go there all the time, even with this friend of mine.” They both laughed, while I was shocked,  her words were planted like good seeds in my head. Eventually, I found my swimming suit and went to the mixed part of the beach, where both nude and not nude people could be seen. Her words like seeds started to grow in my mind, I have begun to think of going naked. It has taken off the top part easily as I worked as a topless dancer before. For the bottom part it was a different story. I literally felt pain in my being when I wanted to take off the bottom part of my swimsuit. I struggled a lot, but when I went through this pain, and I finally did it, all kind of emotions and feelings arisen in me. I felt how shame is melting and leaving my system,  how guilt and wrong, limiting beliefs are fading away and how I felt relieved.  The new world was opening for me, the world in whom is absolutely okay to be naked and not to feel ashamed, where you are not in sin for being yourself and showing your body to other people, where you and your body, is accepted for what it is and it is not judged, yet accepted and loved. Observing other people who have been there created the feeling of ‘back to Eden’, where people don’t judge you, don’t shame you, don’t sexualise you, but look at you with eyes full of love as a divine free being from a soul level. This experience was of great importance for me to realise how normal, all types of body shapes are so beautiful, unique and stunning. That day I have understood how our society made a mold of ‘perfect beauty’ standard in which we should fit in to be accepted and loved. I will say now that we shouldn’t ever try to change ourselves for some established rules. If you are reading this, and if you are having a problem to accept yourself and your body to the fullest I can give you some tips on that. Maybe at this point, you are living far away from the seaside and now is a winter period on the northern hemisphere as well, so going to a nude beach would not be possible. Even, if it is possible for you, to go to the nude beach maybe you don’t feel ready for this step. If you are not feeling prepared and ready for this, and you are struggling with your body love and freedom than try something else. The good thing is to remove all stuff from your social media that is showing you the ‘perfect girls’, then redefine your sense of beauty and start prioritising your beautiful parts of yourself instead of only seeing your imperfections. Start sending love to your body and yourself, accept it for what it is and practice good self-care. It may seem like these small steps will do nothing for you to reprogram your beliefs, but all big things consist of small steps. If you have a burning desire, to become a furious lover of yourself, but you feel like you can’t do it alone, then you can contact me and hire me as your coach on this amazing path of self-discovery and self-love. I will gently guide you through the transformation which I have done to myself as well, maybe it is hard for you to believe that once I was also insecure, full of shame and lacking self-love, but If I could become what you see now, you can as well!