Orgasm, what if you had it, but you didn't know? A woman in picture being confused as she don't know did she have an orgasm or not

Orgasm is an accumulation of pleasure. When you or your partner stimulate you, you experience pleasurable sensations. Accumulation of sensations expands into orgasm.

Columbo and America

You probably already know the story of how Columbo discovered America, but actually thought he was in India. The reason why he taught it was India is because he didn’t know America exist. So, maybe you have also been to America (different type of orgasm, G-spot, cervical or vaginal) but you didn’t know.

How to know if you already had some different type of orgasm?

Most women have experienced only clitoral orgasm; they know how this feels. Therefore they expect that every orgasm feels like that. Clitoral orgasms are explosive and intensive. But, they don’t last long (usually a few seconds), and they don’t leave you feeling ‘blessed’ for a long time after it. Different orgasms feel different. If you expected to feel the same inside like on the clitoris, there is a chance that you had a vaginal orgasm, but you have missed it.

How do other orgasms look?

It varies from women to women. Every woman describes it differently, and I will explain it from my own experience.


When I am coming close to G-spot orgasm, I am having the feeling like I have to pee. Going beyond this feeling, and continuing to stimulate myself (or my partner continues) the orgasm happens. Sometimes followed up with squirting and sometimes not. It is less intensive and quite different from clitoral. I would describe it as a light warm feeling climbing up my body and leaving me with a big smile.


These orgasms are out of this world, as they leave you happy for hours after sex. Also, they are not even close to the feeling of clitoral orgasm, and it is more intense than G-spot orgasm. When I am close to this one, I feel like I am falling into a trance. My eyesight becomes blurry, and my whole body moves like some invisible force carry it. I melt, lose my mind, and moan differently. Sometimes, I feel like I am on drugs. And, when it happens, I would describe it as some electric shock, ha, ha. As throughout my whole body, some electricity is climbing upwards, and I am shaking. Some women have an emotional release from this orgasm, and they cry. So, if you have ever cried during sex, this is the sign of emotional release and cervical orgasm.

Vaginal entrance orgasm

I haven’t had this one. This orgasm happens when a man stimulates your entrance and penetrate you shallowly. Some say that this orgasm is similar to clitoral, shallow and sharp, and can be explosive.

Urinary orgasm

This one is very interesting. One of my friends had it with a partner, and I usually have it with my beloved shower, ha, ha. From this orgasm, you often urinate. Or, if you had built up sexual energy and haven’t orgasm, then you may experience it after sex when you go to pee.

There are many other types of orgasm, some of them I have experienced, some of them I haven’t. So, in my next post, I will write about all types of orgasm.

How to learn the difference between orgasms?

The best way is through practice. Mindful masturbation or conscious self-pleasuring practice is the way. You can read it here. I would also recommend learning about your anatomy.

Here is the picture of your anatomy:

When you know where America is, it is easy to go there, and not think that you have been to India. Also, what is very important to know is when you start experiencing vaginal orgasms, they are usually very light. That’s why in the beginning, many vaginal orgasms are unnoticed, as women don’t pay attention to those light sensations. The more you pay attention to every sensation that happens in your body during sex or self-pleasuring practice, the more orgasmic you will become.

What I would love to emphasize is that every woman is capable of having all different types of orgasm. So, what media was telling you, how vaginal orgasms are ‘reserved’ for only 10% of women or something like that, it is a lie. You just have to reconnect with your body and practice for a while, and you will unlock your orgasmic potential. If you find it hard way of practising alone, and you need some guidance. I am here for you; you can always contact me for additional questions. And if you think that we would be a good fit for working together, you can book your free discovery call here.