Are you struggling with:

-Body shame and Body love

-Low Self-Esteem and Confidence

-Self- Love (Toxic relationships, lack of boundaries and similar)

- Being connected to your sexuality

-Reaching the Orgasm

- Having fulfilling relationships

I feel you and understand you, sister, as I was there once. Hating my body and wanting to do breast implants and reconstruct my whole face. Where every mirror was a nightmare to me and place to look out what I would love to change. First weights of sexual shame were put on my back when I was a child, and religion and society continued to add the weight on my back. For a long time, I was thinking of how sex is something to be ashamed of. I was feeling guilty and like a slut after almost every sexual experience. There was a period of my life when I had zero sexual desire and was completely shut down. And when we come to Self-love, I was the worst one. Having toxic and friends and boyfriends, using drugs, not knowing to say No and the Biggest people pleaser ever. My sense of Self-Worth was at the lowest point along with Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence. Thank Universe and my will to heal, change, and transform I am here where I am today. Three pillars that helped me to transform were Spirituality, Go-Go dancing/Stripping and Nudism. Everything I have transformed by now and learned through these three, I have extracted and formulated my coaching program to help you overcome your issues.

Imagine that there is a bar called 'freedom', where you can sit with me for a while, and try my 'Exotic Magic Cocktail' called "Goddess Unleashed"?

You see me there, feel me and become attracted to my energy. You feel safe to come to me and open yourself, knowing you will not be judged or misunderstood. So, we sit and casually chat without prejudice in a cosy bar which exudes playful, safe, erotic, romantic, divine and loving energy. I am revealing you my transformation toward the sexually liberated woman, giving you a set of tools and practices in a luxury velvet box decorated with crystals, while making a most delightful, luscious and refreshing "Goddess Unleashed" cocktail.

You are transformed and leaving my "bar" as a woman who is:

-Loving and celebrating every inch of her beautiful body

-Connected to her wild divine feminine side

-Feeling her sacred sexual energy moving through her body, pursuing erotic and sensual pleasures

-Knowing how to love herself unconditionally in the first place and knowing her worth aka Becoming Self-Love Queen

-Knowing how to set healthy boundaries and express what she wants

-Bursting of sexual confidence with every footstep

-Holding the key of manifestation to her desires.


You don't have to stay foreverĀ  feeling frustrated as:

-Unconfident woman

-Sexually shy woman

-Experiencing body shame and having a poor relationship with her body image

-Disconnected from her wild divine feminine side

-Lacking the sense of self-love and self-worth

-Not knowing how to express her desires and needs

-Being unfamiliar and uncomfortable with her sexual energy and potential

-Seeing sex as dirty, or sinful

-Not knowing whom to turn to and ask for help

-Having problems with experiencing Orgasms


There is a solution for all this and I can help you to overcome your struggles so that you can finally live the life of freedom, love, flow, peace, integrity, sensuality, pleasure and authenticity. Where you can be comfortable in your skin and embrace your sexuality. You can become Self-Love Queen and Multiorgasmic Goddess.

If this story makes your whole being to crave for such an experience, book a free 30min discovery call with me to see if we are a good fit.

In real life, we are going to go on this journey together via Skype for 4 months, where we will have:

>6 sessions of 60 min, where we are going to remove all your blockages, trough spiritual practices, and mindset reset by bringing awareness and raising your consciousness.

>2 sessions of 40 min, where we are making a transition toward sexual practices and sensual embodiment

>8 sessions of 30minutes, where I am giving you practices and checking up on your progress and development trough awakening sexual energy and creating your orgasmic blueprint.


> Powerful meditations and mindset reset work which helps to transform limiting beliefs, feelings of unworthiness and shame.

>Amazing practices for opening channels of love and acceptance

>Jade egg practise coaching (a secret tool to reawaken your sensuality and inner goddess)

>Transformative Erotic dance practice coaching

>Tantric sexuality practices

>Manifestation Sex Magic practice


* You will have one month of support after finishing a program so that you can be independent and continue alone.


*You will get a Jade egg as a gift for willing to transform your life.

For whom this program is?

This program is for spiritually and open-minded women, willing to take their life, confidence, and pleasure in their own hands. It is for women who are inclined to get time for themselves and make space for a transformation of their whole being. If you are not already spiritual, you should be open to learning refined practices, to get to know yourself with crystals, healing meditations, and ancient tools. This will along with modern practice as Erotic dance practice raise your vibrations and reawaken your inner beauty and love that everyone possesses. It is for women who are ready to love themselves to the fullest, reclaim a sense of worthiness, and to unlock their full sexual energy potential. It is for the women who want to take sex and their sexuality out of the taboo box and to place it on the sacred Goddess altar. This program is only for those who are willing to make a commitment to themselves and invest the time and effort that is taken to get where they desire to be. I am not in power to get into your skin and to do all the work for you, although I would love to.

Who is this program NOT for?

This program is not for those who don't want to open their mind toward spirituality and ancient practices. As well this program is not for those who are not willing to follow instructions and given exercises and to get out of comfort zone. We cannot make desirable goals to come true without you being entirely honest and open with me, not believing in my guidance and power of spiritual practices, and complain and blame others along the way.


If you are ready to become Self-love Queen and Sexually Empowered Goddess, drop me an e-mail to book free 30-min discovery call via Skype with me: