Sexual healing – December 21st.

Sexual healing can occur in many different ways, but the best one is through conscious self-pleasuring practice. It doesn’t only mean that you will only heal your sexual traumas, blocks and conditioning, but all that your body has ever stored in its cells…

I woke up to rain, and it seemed like it is going to be just one more usual Saturday. The day when I recover from the previous night, as I still work as a dancer in the night club. So, I went to the Caffe next to my house to chill out a little bit. This is my weekend ritual. I love sitting there and losing myself in fire flames of their fireplace.

After that, I planned to prepare materials for my clients, but something different came up to my mind. “Let’s get embodied before I do anything”, whispered my mind. Yes, let’s have one self-pleasuring practice or ‘Sex-date with myself’, as this is the best way to reconnect with your body and tap into creative essence. I had no clue that more sexual healing awaits me. After those beautiful ideas, I started preparing my space for magic to happen. And, it really happened as you will see later in this story, not in the way you expect, so make sure to read this carefully till the end.

If you are here with me for some time, you already know that I always talk about Conscious Self-Pleasuring Practice. Maybe it is a new term in your life, so more about this practice you can read here.

Unconscious self-pleasuring

Ok here we go, I prepared my room with candles, music, scents and I brought my glass and crystal Dildos and placed them on my bed. Everything is ready and now its time to make one luxurious and soothing shower, as you know that being clean is the trait of Gods. And, for sure you don’t want to feel anything less for your self-pleasuring practise, haha.

Unfortunately, instead of being conscious, my self-pleasuring practice turned into an unconscious one. I was fantasising of that one let’s say ‘special guy’ I met recently, I wasn’t following my eros, and I ended up chasing Orgasms. Oh boy, I chased them well and I ‘abused and used’ my body to end up reaching three clitoral orgasms. It felt good, but I wasn’t even aware of what is hiding beneath all of that. What was the unconscious program that got me to lose myself in my own dark corners of my being?

Conscious self-pleasuring

Well, the conscious part of my self-pleasuring practice illuminated everything and brought light into my heart. After the shower, I got into my lovely bed and jumped on my glass dildo, as I was wet from what I did before. Everything seemed like I will have a fantastic time, but my mind kicked in, and I couldn’t stop it.

Obviously, I wasn’t following my eros and intuition, my feminine, but I got caught up in my masculine, and this is not what will bring you anything good in your sexuality. In your office, yes, but in bed no. I don’t want you to think how masculine energy is terrible, it’s not! It is radiant energy with so many fantastic qualities, just like the feminine, you only need to learn when to use which one of them.

Subsequently, I understood I am going nowhere, so I turned to my feminine essence, and I started listening. What my intuition revealed to me is that I have a block on my heart chakra. Aaaaah, it was clear to me now, this was the unconscious program that kept running my self-pleasuring practice in the shower.

Sexual healing

I let myself go, my intuition and eros took my hand and showed me everything. I took my heart gently and listened. It was screaming, crying and trembling:

” I want to be loved, taken care of, heard, seen, acknowledged.
I want someone to be proud of me, I want to be someone’s little girl!”

So, I gave myself attention, love and care! I loved myself, pleasured myself, and I let myself to be a little girl, and I cried and cried and cried! All of my pieces came back together. I am whole! My light and darkness are like yin and yang again, united, working together!

There is no more heaviness on my heart, and I am smiling, just like I would after a fantastic sexual experience. I let my sexual energy to heal me through my self-pleasuring practice. Laying in my bed, giving all the love to myself to the sound of rain and beats of jazz music was beyond the magic. This was my Rainy Saturday Sexual healing experience.

One more time, I saw how sexual energy can clear all your blocks, traumas, and conditioning. It can bring you the confidence, courage, high vibrations and make your energy appealing, magnetic and contagious to others. It’s such a powerful force, creative energy that can change your life! Sexual healing is what this world needs at this moment!

And if you feel like sexual healing is what you need in your life, so that you can live your life as your highest self and up to your greatest potential, you can always contact me here. I am here for you, this is my mission and life purpose, to lead you toward your most confident and orgasmic self!

P.S. I decided to make more of personal Blog posts, so in the next one I am going to write about my “Special Lovers”.

Stay tuned,

Love you,