"Angela is the woman who "walks her talk", unlike many other coaches out there! She was a dream client to work with as she was very deeply committed about doing the actions steps required to become the best sexual confidence and yoni egg coach as she could be for her clients. During the time we have worked together she created the first blog in her native language in the Balkan region ever published about yoni eggs, she wrote the first article ever published in Balkan about yoni eggs for http://www.sretnazena.com magazine. She also got certified as yoni egg coach and relationship coach, and started writing in the English language! Watching her growing as a coach and as a woman who is nowadays inspiring thousands of women with her Instagram posts and stories, articles, and blog with her advice, personal story, and empowering words of inspiration and support to every woman out there who wants to break free of body shame and sexual shame and step us fully into her confidence, self-worth, and sensuality, was such an inspiring journey. On our first life coaching call, she told me that she wanted to help women internationally to increase their sexual confidence and introduce the sacred practice of jade eggs known to women in the Balkan region. While I am writing this testimonial now, seven months later, I cannot but feel so very proud of her, having in mind that she actually has become that woman, and yet - what she has achieved so far is just the beginning for her! Her profound spiritual practice, sacred sexuality, and knowledge about yoni eggs, along with her immense passion and desire for helping and empowering other women makes her such a powerful and transformational coach to work with, for any woman struggling with low sexual confidence, body shame, and lack of self-love. "

  • Danijela Jokic Vaislay, Master Life Coach (Delhi, India)

Danijela Jokic
A professional make up artist , talking about her experience with sexual confidence coaching program

Before starting the online coaching program with Angela, I was feeling the loss of energy. I was not entirely satisfied with my appearance, and my confidence was very low. At the very beginning of this program, I felt the great shifts within myself. I have learned how to love myself and my body to the fullest. Altogether, I was progressing physically, mentally and spiritually through this program due to powerful techniques I went through. What was most interesting is that I have learned to direct my creative sexual energy into my business and creativity. Thank this program I have changed drastically. Before I wasn't able to be so secure in myself, and today I radiate with confidence, I am happy, conscious and I believe in myself 100%.

  • Isidora Milin, Professional Make-up artist (Ljubljana, Slovenia)

It is so difficult to describe the amount of success you experience through this program, but I will give my best to explain. In the very beginning, I felt very bad, I had problems with my confidence, was unsatisfied with my body appearance, and I had a hard time with socializing. I would give myself 5 out of 10 for my looks and confidence. After the third month of working with Angela, I came to the point to say that my confidence is a strong 9 and that I love my body appearance completely! I also had huge problems with my PMS, but during this program, I have learned techniques which helped me to have painless PMS without mood swings. I learned to be positive, and open, there is no space for depression in my life no more. Every session delivers a new level of something better and precious, it increases calmness, makes the balance, and deepens the overall satisfaction. My sexual energy got awaken through this time, and I have learned new possibilities and ways of female orgasm. All these lessons are priceless and life-changing.

  • Milica Petkovic, Nail Artist (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Milica Petkovic Testimonial