Self-love and sexuality coach self plesuring herself in mindful masturbation in a conscius way.

Masturbation is Union of you and your sexual energy in pleasure. It shouldn’t be done only when you don’t have a partner for sex and only for the goal of orgasm, but it should be the expression of love for yourself and your body. There are several different ways you can masturbate. You can masturbate by the help of external sources like erotic movies, porn, or erotic stories, magazines, books, and similar. Another way is by using your mind and fantasies, or you can masturbate mindfully.

What is Mindful Masturbation

Mindful masturbation means that you are focusing your mind only on yourself, your emotions, feelings and sensations. There is nothing more than you and your body: no thought, no fantasies, and no external stimulations. When you use external stimuli for your masturbation, it moves your attention from the body. You are neglecting the body, and you are ending up using it as the instrument for achieving an orgasm. As a result, you are becoming addicted to these sources, and you are giving your power to them. Mindful masturbation is different; all your attention, energy and power is directed toward you. You are the primary source of your motivation, pleasure and satisfaction.

How to do it:

1. Space and time

This practice should be the expression of love and divinity, so you should make your space sacred. Put beautiful sheets, light candles, play some soft, elegant and erotic music, include some delicate scents and dim the lights. Make sure that you have put aside at least one hour for yourself, and that all distractions are removed. (like your mobile phone)

2. You

Prepare yourself, take a shower or make a bubble bath. Cleanness is the trait of Gods. Put on your favourite body lotion while you express love for your body. You can also add a few drops of the perfume that makes you feel sexy. Imagine that you are preparing for the wondrous sex date, and you want to be in your best light.

3. Intention

The intention is fundamental in mindful masturbation, it deepens the practice while it opens the new horizons for you. Your intention may be for example: ‘To open up the body for more pleasure’, or ‘To have better communication with my partner’. Never set up the goal of achieving the orgasm, as you will never have it when you chase it. The importance of intention is seen in the fact that sexual energy is creative energy, and will assist you in wherever you direct it.

4. Foreplay

You definitely don’t want to immediately jump on your private parts, as it is usually done when we use external sources while masturbating. The key is in excellent foreplay, the more you awaken your body, the more pleasure you will experience. So, take your time, cuddle yourself, touch your body, massage yourself, play with feathers or silk, hold yourself tight, be curious and explore! What most people don’t know is that the woman’s body has erogenous zones all over the body. They are waiting for you to discover them.

5. Thoughts

In the early stages of mindful masturbation, you may be faced with the “Mind Battle”. This means that your mind will always try to take your attention away, just like in meditation. You can overcome this by grounding yourself with deep breathing or by merely focusing on the pleasure. Simply think of the pleasure, what is producing it, where it is coming from, how it is building itself, how intense it is?

6. Stimulation

Steady stimulation is the main secret toward mind-blowing orgasms. Usually, women use this way of stimulation on their clitoris but somehow fail to do the same internally. By stimulating the ‘pleasure’ spot for enough time, you will build enough pleasure and energy for experiencing the orgasm. So, when you discover your pleasure spot, don’t move or stop, continue and let the pleasure lead you to heaven.

 7. Orgasms

When a woman experiences clitoral orgasm, it is usually the peak orgasm. In peak orgasm, sexual energy is built and released in short orgasmic moment, and much energy is lost. It is desirable to avoid clitoral orgasm and to move the energy built on the clitoris internally. You can do this by building sexual energy and not going into the orgasm, but letting it reabsorb into the body by deep breathing. Then stimulate yourself internally for as long as you need and want. You can experience G spot orgasm, Cervical orgasm, and orgasms from different erogenous zones inside of your vagina. Every vagina has its own little secrets, and I dare you to discover yours.

8.Movement, Sound, Breath

What is very important while being on a self-sex date is to be wild and free. The more you move, sound and breathe the more energy will be moving through your body and more pleasure you will experience. So, don’t just lie there while touching yourself, but move your whole body, scream, moan, and don’t forget to experiment with different breathing techniques. You can try out shallow and fast breathing as well as deep and slow, or maybe to breathe only on your mouth. Try it out and see how is sexual energy behaving and moving through you.

The Benefits of Mindful Masturbation

The benefits of mindful masturbation (especially when it is done regularly) are numerous, and some of them are:

– Awakened body

-More pleasure

-Better orgasms

– Accumulated energy

– Improved connection with yourself

– Better relationship with a partner

– Increased sense of self-love

– Energized body and more life energy

Mindful masturbation is a form of active meditation with the accent on keeping the sexual energy for yourself, and not wasting it on external stimuli or peak orgasm. It is wonderful to devote oneself to the body in such a profound, sensual and erotic way. To have a full presence and focus only on yourself, while exploring your body with the curiosity just like you would explore the secret gardens you have just found out. This kind of self-loving practice will do miracles for your body and orgasmic pleasure, and you will never be the same person again.

Mindful masturbation aka Conscious self-pleasuring practice is taking a big part of my coaching program. If your desire is to awaken your creative sexual energy and connect with your sexuality in a sacred way, but you don’t know how to do it, you can always book a free discovery call with me.

Sending you much love and light!